Is everybody taking about Ai Weiwei's exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi?

November 10, 2016

I've heard a lot of different , diametrically different, opinions about Ai Weiwei 's  LIBERO exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence.There are two distinct groups : the first one is so shocked from the installation on the windows of Palazzo Strozzi, that ruins the elegance of the building and shows no respect for Florence ...blah blah ! The second group,  is totally in love of the artistic and human courage of Mr. Ai Weiwei and of the immediate  power of his works and message.  I did know that I was going be part of the second group till I decided to go ad visit the exhibition during November avoiding the huge crowds !



So yesterday I went to Palazzo Strozzi, having really mixed feelings. From one hand,  I thought that it could be just another modern art exhibition where you really need to study for a month in order to understand something and most of the time I will annoyed and lost. But, what a surprise... I was totally enchanted from the immediate impact the works of Ai Weiwei had, at first sight , on me. It was a amazing journey through all ideas, events that he retained precious and worth taking about. I was also completely moved about the estetics of everything I saw, so delicate, so powerful , so sincere ! Have no world really to describe my emotional, mental and enchanted journey at Palazzo Strozzi! I invite everyone visiting Florence these day's to go and visit LIBERO, they will create a precious memory.


Reghina Papadatou

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November 26, 2015

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