Wonderful Florence - Un open air museum

From Casa Nuestra you may take bus N°17 or walk to the historical centre of the city ( 15' - 20' ) where you can admire an incredible number of architectural and artistic creations. The whole city is an open air musem and here you have four to absolutely do , stops!  
The best way to discover Florence is undoubably on foot, so let's go!

Duomo - Santa Maria del Fiore


Let's get one thing straight!  Duomo means Catherdral and in Italy almost every important italian city has one.

Duomo of Florence  ( Santa Maria del Fiore ) is considered one of the miracles of the world,  as so far no one has being able to understand how such an immense structure was built!



Michelangelo's David


Accademia Gallery where you can see Michelangelo's statue of David is a small museum and the main attraction is David.

It's an astonishing artwork and even though you have a copy in frond of Palazzo Vecchio , nothing can be compared to the original , so make sure

not to miss it ! 

Uffizi Gallery


What to say about Uffizi Gallery that has not already be said! Just make sure you go in the morning that your head is fresh because you will need a lot of energy to visit the whole gallery. Ask us to reserve the entrance for you, so that you wont't have to wait in line!

Ponte Vecchio


What to say about Ponte Vecchio. Has a huge history, survived the second WW and is totaly enchanting during sunset!

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